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Saturday, December 02, 2006

The New Way to Play Games

Nowdays, with so many consoles boosting an incredible amount of games, it has become very difficult and very expensive to be able to play a wide variety of games.
That's was the truth until a little while ago, when I found this rent games on-line thing...

Unlimited Video Game Rentals - Start Now!

I works like this: You pay a monthly fee, usualy $10 bucks though you can try it out for free, then you chose a list of games you want to play. After that, they will send you one-three games, according to your plan, by mail with pre-payed postage. When you're done playing, you send the game back, no posting fees, and they will send you the next game on your list.
There are no due dates, you can keep the game with you as long as you're a member.
Currently, the company that I'm using for renting is Gamefly, but I bet more of them will come.
If you live in US, you're lucky, 'couse they'll send it anywhere!


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